• Testimonial

Testimonial from a coaching client

Before I started coaching I was just looking for input, for direction.

I had reached a point in my life that I felt very stuck and was seeking a deeper meaning on why. I was not happy in life and just wanting more.

Sarah’s instagram posts made sense to me and I kept looking at everything she posted and I thought I just want to be and feel peace.I kept thinking maybe she could help me make sense of my life, so I booked 4 sessions.

Her coaching gave me an understanding of myself of why I act the way I do and tangible ways to address the way I felt about myself. She is compassionate and caring with a sense of strength that I so desperately wanted. I wanted to be strong. I wanted to live for me.

She got down to the root cause and because of that I was able to build a better me. 4 sessions was a great start to help me live the life I so desperately desire.

What I liked is that she focused on me. No one else. She didn’t bring in my family, my relationship with my husband or my children. Just me. It was the first time I can even think of when what I wanted was the focus.

She was so easy to talk with and I felt very connected to her.

She encourages me to get out of my head and that I can be or do anything I want to.

I didn’t want a passive coach, I wanted someone who would push me to be better and see in me, that I just needed a little push to make the jump to live a life that shines.

Thank you Sarah, massive love.

Deborah Shanks
Reflexologist, Maryland, USA