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Sarah Bolten

A few years ago I reached a point where I realised that although my life looked good, it didn’t feel good, at all.

I was crying every morning in secret just after my husband had left for his work and before I left for mine. I hated how I looked and changed my clothes countless times before I found something that hid my thighs. Or it was a branded item which I had paid way too much for that gave me just enough confidence and enough of a feeling of worth to leave my house.

I hated my seemingly glamourous job that jet-setted me to different countries around the world. The truth was, advertising sales was very stressful and didn’t fulfil me. I was unhappy with my friendships which majoritively were one–sided and I felt people took advantage of my caring side and ability to listen, it meant I was very rarely listened to and often spoken at.

My relationship with my husband was a struggle and seemed like a battle of wills. There was little respect all of a sudden and just blame being thrown from one to the other. I was drinking all the time – since the age of 14 it was normal for me to experience regular blackouts – and I had no energy. I was absolutely exhausted and drained. I had always thought that the next job would make me happy. Or the next hairstyle, diet, or thing I bought. Relief was always only temporary.

At the age of 36, I couldn’t keep repeating old patterns because my life thus far was a testament to the fact that the old patterns weren’t working. I didn’t have the energy to keep pretending and to keep doing the same things all over again. My red eyes in the mirror couldn’t lie to me although I put on a good show to the outside. I had even for the longest time convinced myself of the façade I was living.

I signed up for speaking therapy at this point as I had so much inside that I suddenly felt needed to come out. I was ready. I was done with everybody’s bullshit but mostly, I was done with my own.

In my weekly sessions, I unraveled painful thoughts and belief systems that had been embedded in me, unexamined since childhood. Over time, as a result of these sessions, the persona I had built to protect me from the outside world began to shatter as I became connected to myself. I started to find beauty and strength inside of me. The world became a very friendly place, it started to shine as I did. Nature especially, began to look so vibrant and extraordinarily beautiful.

The world around me changed when I changed from the inside out.

All of my relationships evolved as I started to communicate from a place of wholeness, self-respect and genuine happiness instead of a people-pleasing mentality which concealed my own unfulfilled needs, unmet wishes and self-consciousness.

“The battles ended on the outside
as I ended them in my own heart,
with myself.”

– Sarah Bolten –

Today my life is joyful, and has meaning and purpose because I am connected to myself.
The journey to heal my childhood wounds and realise my true self has been miraculous and led me to listen to a deep inner-calling to help others to awaken to their true selves. The ‘selves’ we are without the mask.

To become conscious of ourselves is to become connected to ourselves and to the world around us, so by healing ourselves we also heal our beautiful world.

Please read further to find out how I can help you through coaching …

Love Sarah x


As a Transformational Coach I trust that the wisdom and clarity that you are looking for is already within you but buried underneath your confusion, pain, busyness and ultimately underneath the ‘you’ you have become to date.

I meet you exactly where you are in life, right now with non- judgment and openness, honoring you as a strong and capable person who could use another’s peer support, mentorship and experience to help you see the woods from the trees.